Kinds of Messages

I think that some unwanted reactions from the committee would be the renovation to put a cafeteria or a restaurant in. You would have to have a lot of construction to get that space ready for such a space. You would have to have all the equipment put in, inspections before opening, and there would be a lot of people in and out. I also think that they might consider the liability of having a cafeteria in the building. I’m sure the insurance would be a lot more expensive. They also might not like the idea that a cafeteria is not as business like as the other places in the building. The smell of food all day long might be a problem for some people. There is always a higher chance of pests when it comes to food.
I think that to get my purpose of my message to my audience I will try to make sure that each committee member will understand the benefits of having somewhere to go and eat. I will go in great detail to describe what it would be like to have a cafeteria where everyone can go and enjoy a nice hot meal, and not have to go anywhere outside the building. I will also analyze my audience; I will take a look at each committee member and come up with points for that specific committee member.
I think the difference between these two emails is how the information is presented. Both emails contain the same information; it is just presented in a different way. An informative email is not as direct as a positive email. A positive email is right to the point, and an informative email you give a little more information. Positive emails can also be a little more fun and spontaneous if you wanted.