Inbev Marketing


InBev Marketing Paper
Benjamin George, Matthew Holley, Courtney Schaub,
Shaun Stillwell, Patty Sweeny
Marketing 571
August 29, 2010
Heather Moss

InBev has researched some of the trends for marketing that will relate to the consumer. The new marketing campaign uses technology trends and marketing strategies to brand the new beer product, Tod Von Hopfen. This new beer has higher alcohol content and is branded   differently in Germany and Holland. Internet marketing will enable In Bev to reach its intended audience faster and gain a following on the Internet home page and other Internet web pages. Communication tactics involve the latest technology and follows current trends in each targeted market.
Technology Trends Available to Help Market
The beer industry is quite competitive and in Germany and Holland, the public has grown quite bored with the usual beer products out on the market right now.   Therefore, the company must do something to grab the attention of the public with the help of technology. “According to Web windows, a leading media agency in the UK, companies should plan their advertising strategy to gain the maximum benefits from the current trends (Mogridge, 2010).” Therefore, the strategy of the InBev will look to take advantage of the technology trends shaping businesses product distributions.
InBev will need to look into optimizing the search engine currently used by focusing on key words and phrases that have potential customers viewing the company’s information front and center. “Sites with relevant...