Com 140 Different Kinds of Messages

The steps I would take will be to ensure the committee members the cafe will do the job for DigiFast. I would explain the cafe will deliver a low cost service offering healthy foods and drinks. Promoting healthier food and drinks will make employees happy.   Telling the board members having unused chairs, tables, and computers from the conference room, works station room, and break room will help the expense. I would inform the board members the donations from other companies in the building will benefit all business in River View Plaza. The donations from other companies in the building will provide some of the cost for the cafe service. I would explain DigiFast will get a discount rate for advertising for the cafe. Having the cafe service will cost money to start, but in the long run the company will save money and expand in profit.
I think strongly of creating the cafe will encourage customers to view and purchase products. The cafe will keep customers coming back wanting to see what new. Letting the members know   DigiFast will receive feedback on what new products can be made from having the cafe service.
I would explain not having the cafe service will cause employees not to be happy and cause DigiFast not to be able to market and sell the product as well as DigiFast needs. I would explain having the cafe will make DigiFast more valuable by bring more jobs and expand business.   I believe the cafe will provide a stable future for DigiFast . I would explain to the committee members how the cafe is the right service for DigiFast because DigiFast needs a service to benefit the needs of employees and increase the efficiency of operations.