Com140 Different Types of Messages

Different kind of messages
The proposal is to add a copy center, in to the buildings lower level. With this proposal the committee may wonder why I want to add a copy center. May not understand that there are many people looking for a place to go to make copies themselves or have copies made for them. Acquiring the ability to make different size copies for customers, maybe cause concerns with the committee member. Why would the ability to have different size paper help out the copy center?   What will be the cost to started? How many people will it take to run the copy center?
The concern of why I will offer different sizes in paper, so the copy center not only accommodate the office oriented-people but the ability to accommodate the contractors who have blueprints to print out. We can have to ability to make business card, birthday cards, and newsletters for customers. Not every customer will have the same printing or copy needs, so we need to make sure that we can help everyone who comes in the center.
The cost to get started will be shown as prices shopping to get better deal on all equipment need to get started. The proposal will be to start small with just a couple of main pieces and then add as we grown. This is also how I am proposing the employees at the beginning. I will have just two employees at first and add as we grow. Keeping cost low at start up and add as we grow will be the best way to ease concerns of the committee.

Dear Mr. Taylor:
My name is , I am writing you   today to discuss my proposal for the copy center in the build. I am looking to bring jobs to the building with the continued growth of the copy center. By having the copy center in the building the other companies can use the center to help with their productivity, by not having to travel outside the building to get copies made. Please e-mail me with a time that would work for you to discuss...