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What are we doing to our teenagers in American society? With all the exposure to the media, there is no possible way we can keep teens from witnessing certain things. Some may say this is the cause of aggression and violence. For many years people have been wondering what really makes our adolescents aggressive or violent. Over decades there have been books and articles explaining theories of what makes teenagers become violent. With all their research they have drawn the conclusion that it’s from what we allow our children to witness.
Dave Grossman, On Killing, believes that when we let our children view or partake in violent video gaming we open a gateway to aggressive and violent behavior. He says just like army conditioning, video gaming desensitizes the player from the emotions of killing. This means by letting our children play these types of games we are training them to be killers. Aggression refers to a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack. It is safe to say that there are many things besides violent video games that trigger aggression, for example, a child not having their way, conflict with another peer, getting a bad grade, etc. Violence is an action intended to cause destruction, pain, or suffering to another being. So do violent video games really cause destruction, pain, or suffering to others from the person playing the game?
In years to come, just as all technology will be more advance, video gaming will also have an innovative approach. We would have virtual technology in our home. I can see the commercial for it now. In a convincing voice, “it will be a world away from the real world, cyber-land.”   What would that do to our society? Would it cause an increase in aggression and violence in our world because it seems so real? Grossman would say that it may be used as a boot camp simulator. He claims that playing violent video games eliminates the conscious of a...