The Grapes of Wrath

.The Grapes of Wrath began with a man walking in the street alone, with birds “twittering” in Oklahoma. The man just so happened to be Tom Joad. Tom Joad was just released from jail on parole. He caught a ride on a random man’s truck so he could go visit his family. When he arrived at a certain spot, he got out of the truck and told the man what he did to get in jail. The man looked scared and he drove off.
While walking down the road, Tom saw a man sitting down on the grass. The man sitting on the grass was humming and singing. The man was Jim Casy. Once Tom reached him, they spoke to each other and he realized that he was the preacher. Casy told him he used to be a preacher. However, he claimed that he “lost the call” and “lost the spirit”. Casy believed he could not preach any longer.
Casy decided to tag along with Tom to go visit his family. When they reached his family’s house, they realized everyone was gone. They saw an old friend named Muley, who had been hiding there for the longest. Muley told them how everyone planned on moving to California, what happened in regards to them getting forced out of their homes and how the government was going to knock down the houses with the “Cats”.
Tom and Casy decided to go to Tom’s uncle’s house to see if they were living there. All of his family members were so excited to see him. Everyone assumed that he broke out of jail .They told Tom the plans of moving to California. They said there are high wages and many available jobs. They told him they must be gone by daybreak. Everyone seemed so happy about moving.
Everybody packed to move to California. Ma Joad looked as if she was about to cry. They got ready to go and packed the truck up. The grandfather didn’t want to go. He refused to go. He seemed like he had a breakdown. They eventually got him to go. They decided to take Casy along with them.  
They began their long journey to California. Shortly into the trip, grandpa died of a stroke. They buried him...