Shopping Online

Nowadays, the activity of online shopping has risen steadily around the world. It has become a new lifestyle for people in modern city since 21St century. Even so, there are still many people who prefer buying their daily needs in a market to shopping online. Shopping online for certain people has more advantages than its drawbacks.
It is believed that online shopping has some disadvantages in terms of the way of transaction and the quality of goods. If the buyers have concurred to purchase a good in an online shop, such as in online book or shoes shop, they will transfer an amount of money to the account number of online shop’s owner. However, after the buyers or consumers have transferred their money, the owner of online shop will not send a good to the address of the buyers. Another point made by opponents is that quality of goods that buyers have already bought is sometimes flaw. Consequently, if this occured, the buyers would suffer financial loss without return.
However, there are strong arguments in favor of online shopping. For some people, particularly working people, they argue that the existence of online shop is very utilitarian in their life. That is because they do not have to go to a market which they may spend much time. They just search some goods which they want to buy in online shop. After transferring some money based upon the cost of goods, the goods will be arrived in their house soon. Moreover, online shop has offered many types of goods that customer can buy. The stock of those stuffs will be available anytime. As a result, they have many preferences to select the best ones.
Furthermore, nowadays, there have been many online shops which put some buyer testimonies on their websites. If consumers feel worried about the quality of goods, they can see and read some testimonies concerning the quality of those goods. Also, if consumers just find fewer testimonies toward previous buyers, it might indicate that buyers are not satisfied with the...