Job Analysis and Selection Memorandum

TO: Human Resources
FROM:   Lisa Berens
SUBJECT: Job Analyst and Selection

The sales staff for the new proposed solutions/service model will be slightly different from that of InterClean. The team’s new role will be to support InterCleans high quality products with high quality service. A new function will be to develop a full range of service packages for the different contracts. Training will be offered to help the team engage with facility managers, health care professionals, and operational executives.
The job analysis information process is important in hiring the new sales staff. The key analysis functions the management team will be looking at are organizational structure and design, selection, placement, performance management, and job design. The organizational structure and design will be used to clarify job requirements and responsibilities. The selection process will be asking test questions to the applicants and letting them know the expectations of the job. Placement will be used to make sure the applicants fit the needs of the new sales positions. The performance management tool will be helpful as this tells how the applicants perform at their current positions. If an employee is inefficient in his or her current job this could pose a problem in the new position. The job design will be addressed, this will help show how the applicant performs tasks currently. If the applicant can make improvements and change the way the job is completed this will benefit him or her as that shows adaptability.
The methods that will fit best for hiring for the new sales positions are job performance and interviews. With job performance, we can go with the current sales staff that is applying for the positions for the day to visit and observe how they work with the clients. This way we can see the employee’s work ethics; there are also job performance reviews given to all employees who we will be able to review prior to making the selections for the...