Interclean Job Analysis and Selection

Career Development Plan Summary
Interclean is interested in expanding its market starting with Puerto Rico. The company s mission is providing the customers the ability to purchase the cleaning and sanitizing products in all markets. The positions included in the new market are the following: Regional Vice President, Marketing Director, Sales manager, Customer Service manager, and Outside sales representative.
Regional Vice president – The vice president is responsible for managing the regional office in Puerto Rico, is the senior level position that will focus on operational and administrative task for InterClean Company. This person will be setting company wide sales initiative to meet company goals, prioritize sales lead, develop management practice, implementation of automated inventory and find growth opportunities to maximize the sales for the company.
According to O*Net Online this person also coordinate organizations financial or budget activities to fund operations and maximize investments or increase efficiency. Will appoint department heads or managers and assign or delegate responsibilities to them. One of the most important parts of their job is the knowledge of laws, legal codes, and Puerto Rico government regulations on industrial cleaning and sanitation.
Marketing Director – is a mid-level position that will focus on promotions, marketing, new product and services for the new region. The marketing department will be crucial for Puerto Rico new office, they need an exceptional amount of public relations, marketing and promoting the new products in Puerto Rico. The person in charge of this department will plan direct, and coordinate marketing policies, for instance defining the demand for products and services offered by InterClean including its competitors and most important identify potential customer. Another task they will perform is compile a list describing product or service, consult with the sales team concerning the type of...