A Brief Look at the Lives and Impact of Jesus and Mohammad

A Brief Look at the Lives and Impact of Jesus and Mohammad
Why, what, and how. Why am I here? What meaning does life have? How do I know how I am supposed to live? These questions and many more are asked by most people at once point in their lives. The questions are part of a grander search for meaning and purpose. The answers one finds to these questions will often guide their thoughts and actions for the rest of their lives.   Occasionally, a charismatic leader will come upon such grand revelations that entire peoples will flock to them, and a religion is formed. Occasionally, religions will even share a historical ancestry.
Two of the largest recognized religions in the world are related in such a way. Christianity and Islam are both monotheistic faiths, meaning that in their eyes there is only one God. Furthermore, they even count themselves as being descended from the same historical lineage.   Yet for all that these beliefs share, they are worlds apart.   Separation across space and time may account for a few of the differences that can be found, but the thing that makes its religion stand apart is the lives of their founding fathers, Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad.
The Historical lives of Jesus and Mohammad
Jesus was born about 4 BCE to Joseph and Mary. The Bible states that Mary was a virgin, her son immaculately conceived through the power of God. Little is known beyond his birth until he is baptized by John the Baptist at about thirty years of age. It is at this point that Jesus becomes an active force in the world, gathering his followers which are known as disciples. The gospels tell many tales of his travels though Galilee, working great miracles and telling many parables to guide those around him towards the righteous path.
Even though Jesus was born a Jew, his proclamation that he was the messiah who would save them from persecution was ill met, and it is here that the division between Judaism and Christianity began. The Jews were not the...