Issues and Problems of Kudler Fine Foods

Issues and Problems of Kudler Fine Foods
February 22, 2010

During business companies encounter issues and problems in the workplace. Issues are areas in which there is a general concern, matter, question, or topic. These issues are discussed regarding their possible effect on the company. However, problems are of a more serious nature. Problems are identified and corrected as soon as possible to keep them from developing into a major affect on the company.
In the Kudler Fine Foods 2003 Strategic Plan is a list of items that would be seen as “issues.” This list is under the part of the plan labeled weaknesses; areas that the company needs to improve upon but will not need immediate action to protect the company. Some of the weaknesses (issues) listed by Kudler are: (a) they deal with mainly perishable goods, (b) a small management team with lots of responsibility, (c) one of the locations is not doing as well as predicted, and (d) expansion limitations (Strategic Plan, 8). These “issues” are important but are planned for and discussed. They do not necessarily affect the existence of the company.
The problems (threats) that Kudler Fine Foods may have to face in the near or distance future are: (a) competing gourmet shops opening in the area, and (b) decline of the economy (Strategic Plan, 8). These “threats” are serious and need a planned of action because they could affect the existence of the company.

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