Mgt/521 Kudler Fine Foods Success Plan

Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan for Success
07 May, 2010

Kudler Fine Foods   Success Plan
Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement
Kudler Fine Foods has to become a leader in fresh foods that can gain that can gain market access However, the store has many challenges such economic downturn, competition, and lack of adequate technology to compete.
Kudler Fine Foods End Vision
The company vision is to be grow   rapidly and establish in many cities and states and build a business that gurantee customer satisfaction
Organizational Goals
Kudler Fine Food   made some progress using the ‘SWOT’ analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to locate areas of stregh and weekenesses to meet company’s vision (Apollo Group, Inc. 2007, p. 8). To achieve this, they must recruit competent staff, provide adequate pay and treat their customers well. According to Cascio (2006), “Indeed, the challenge, the opportunity, and also the frustration of creating and managing organizations frequently stem from the people-related problems that arise within them” (p. 5). Also Yukl (2006) stated that “Rational persuasion involves the use of explanations, logical arguments, and factual evidence to show that a request or proposal is feasible and relevant for attaining task objectives” (p.165). As stated by the authors above, the manager could not handle the rapid growth and expansion. Hence, the company needs reorganization to meet her goals, and vision.
Other areas of focus will be to improve inventory, technology and flow of goods in the store. The management has to understand that they are dealing with perishable goods and cannot overstock otherwise they will incur heavy losses.
In conclusion, Kudler Fine Foods has excellent opportunity to grow rapidly in many states and beyond the USA but they must hire the right staff, pay workers well and control their inventory.

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