Issey Miyake & Makeup in the 1960s

Issey Miyake


Issey Miyake believed in the relationship and the freedom between the body and the clothes. Some of his garments tended to be reffered to as “second skin”, ever since his first tattoo-garments. (Holborn, 2005)

Life Force

The designer would find inspiration from life, and color. In the show titled Fly with Issey Miyake visually illustrated “human movements, bodylines and muscle tones, the show evoked a sense of the ever-present life-force”. (Holborn, 1995. pg. 44)


Issey Miyake refers to his creations as being done 80%. “The remaining 20%, is left to the wearer”. This shows that the designer concentrates on people being a part of the garment. He focuses on the space between the person and the garment. (Werle, 2010)

Constructible Clothes

Constructible Clothes was a show in which Issey Miyake showed where the models would take of pieces and ‘deconstruct’ the outfits. “…they formed a unity that symbolically evoked the early phases of development of industrially-produced clothes.” (Sato, 1998. pg. 29)

The Decade

This decade is the decade where the cosmetics industry blossomed like in no other decade. “It was the market where most trends began, where new product formulations in cream and color cosmetics first appeared, and where pioneering advances in therapeutic toothpaste, anti dandruff shampoos, and much else happened.”. (Jones, 2010 pg. 151)

1. Film & Television

In the 1950s, color film was invented. This created the need for clean skin with no imperfections. Thus, the makeup company Max Factor came up with the first foundation, at that time called Pan Cake. Hence, foundation became essential to every woman at that time. (Twarta, 2011). In addition, the british Miss World contest launched in 1951, aspiring women to try to look better. In addition, television also was used as a new way of advertising cosmetics. (Jones, 2010)

2. New Materials

Titanium started to get added to makeup. This made the...