The Sixties Impact on my life
Jackie Hoskins
April 3, 2012
Professor: Tony Lindsey

America went through a dramatic shift in the 1960’s that were characterized by civil unrest, gender role changes, and Americans learned to question authority.   African Americans were fighting for their rights for equality, women were shedding their traditional gender roles, and the Vietnam War led to an unprecedented level of questioning authority.   These changes paved the way for how America is structured today.   Today, there is more equality between ethnic groups, and there has been a push toward multicultural education in our schools that shows the importance of the contributions of nonwhites in American culture (Frank, 2002).   Women can have careers, be a mother, and no longer need the support of a man to fulfill their dreams – women can now have dreams and are able to achieve them.   Finally, Americans are taught to question everything.   Up until 9/11, Americans had questioned the direction of the country and were likely to protest in the face of inequality.   Unfortunately, since the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, Americans have blindly agreed with the government, as can be seen with the passage of the Patriot Act by President Bush in 2010, which gave the government a blanketed way to infringe on the privacy of citizens (USA Patriot Act, 2010).   The social and civil changes that occurred in the sixties have impacted my personal life, impacted my present career path, and have impacted global relations through globalization.
Part I
The events of the sixties have had an impact on my personal life.   Specifically, as an African American female, it would have been very difficult for me to pursue my passions had the women’s movement and the Civil Rights Movement not occurred.
As a young female, it would have been very difficult to come to the point in my life had women’s liberation and the sexual revolution not occurred.   The women’s movement helped women...