Is Torture Ever Acceptable?

Torture is an action refused by all the human rights organizations in the world. It is unacceptable because they say that it is unethical and against human rights. Unfortunately, it is a necessity in some cases where we do not have time for a normal investigation; and it is a way to prevent future danger on society.
    Torture can be very useful, but people can very easily misuse it. Hussam Saad said, “I can still remember guarding the prison at night and hearing the voices and the shouting while people were being tortures” (2011). Then Mr. Daoud said, “They were treating me like an animal” (2011). Torture cannot be used anytime and everywhere we have a prisoner. As Krauthammer said, torture must not be used on a captured soldier; for example, he didn’t do anything wrong, he was just serving his country (2005). It cannot be performed neither on a simple prisoner since it doesn’t help us with anything. Krauthammer argues that if we have in capture a terrorist with information about a certain terrorist attack who could harm thousands of people and he is not talking, what should we do? (2005). Here torture is not impermissible. I think in that case it is a necessity to prevent the death of innocent people. It must be applied on the terrorist in order to make him confess and talk about the place of the attack and the details that help police doing their job to prevent it. Let’s take another scenario; for example, you captured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who was deeply involved in the 9/11 attacks on civilians; what would you do in that case? I think the answer is obvious.
    In addition to the fact that torture is a necessity in some cases, it is also a way to prevent future danger on the society. It will create a moral wall in the minds of criminals and terrorist which prevent them from doing harmful actions. Some say that torture will not soften the heart of a jihadist. I agree with them, but the idea that if he is captured, he will be tortured to confess will...