Media Litaracy

Media Literacy Essay

My primary media consumption comes from novels and television shows. The reason I prefer these two   types of media are primarily due to   the fact that when I have spare time I rather not think about the reality of my life and the world around me.

In “Deanna Rayburn's, Lady Julia Gray series.” I see the message of justice being portrayed to me.   As well as love and compromise. I suppose the technique used in this novel to keep my attention would have to be the romantic theme incorporated in to the plot of mystery and deceit.   The characters work as private inquiry agents in London 1889. A job women were not seen having any part in. you have a contrast in the characters pasts were Julia comes from a high society family Brisbane is the bastard son of a gypsy and a deceitful scoundrel. Julia was brought up with   a loving family, morals and money that provided her a protected easy going life style. Were as Brisbane worked for every thing he has. Who he is is who he made him self to be. Hes had a rough life and nobody has ever accepted them in to their society. I suppose this novel is trying to portray how everyone has skeletons in their closets, though some are worth keeping a secret more then others. Also how justice can be reached through an investigation and the criminal can be brought to justice. Though sometimes you may have to bend the laws to achieve justice in early times. As well as how dangerous it can be when your uncovering peoples wrong doings and the unjustices that they have committed. The technique Rayburn uses to attract my attention would have to be the well built plot set out as well as the fact that there are twist and turns around every corner. This author portrays good values in her main characters through their respect for each other and their determination in their work to seek justice for those who have been