Hilary Duff’s Growth Mindset

Have you ever accepted failure? In this article Mindset by Carol Dweck, she argues what a growth mindset has and what a fixed mindset has. A growth mindset is about getting out of your comfort zone and exceeding over the limits of what is expected of you. In other words, a growth mindset is about allowing yourself to not accept failure and to learn. On the other hand, a fixed mindset is having to prove that you are smart or believing people about defining you of what you should do or become. For Hilary Duff that was never the case, she began her fame by starring in a hit show and since then she has grown and became what everyone didn’t expect her to be. She challenged those that would; as a result she became one of the top role models for young teens in America. She showed everyone that she is a real person and does not follow what a person is telling her to do. She is proof of a growth mindset because of her many great achievements through acting, singing, and designing her own line. With each struggle that she had, was another opportunity to grasp and hang on to what is important to her.
Hilary Duff has achieved so much because she is strong-willed and independent. Many celebrities her age are getting into trouble, but Duff’s persistent behavior made her stand out amongst her peers. Duff said the reason so many teens her age get into trouble is because they try to do everything at one time, which causes them to do bad things. According to Dweck, “Failure is about not growing” (Dweck 15). In other words, Dweck is saying that accepting failure is another form of not having a growth mindset. Her success rose when she starred in a hit show on the Disney channel called “The Lizzie McGuire Show.” As a young teen herself, she played a teen discovering who she is and finding her in many different scenarios that most young teens go through. From then on, she strived to become a singer, fashion designer, and of course landed more starring...