PRESENTATION SKILLS: Ten Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills
Written by Matthew Harrington   Published on September 8, 2011
It’s no secret that while almost every job has some kind of speaking or presenting component to it, a majority of Americans hate doing it.  Whether it’s the traditional presentation or making those god-awful cold calls, our job demands us to stretch outside our comfort zone at times.
As we look at public speaking, in whatever facet, how is that some of us are so terrible at it, while others make it look so darn easy?  We each have our own tips and tactics that we use to overcome nervousness, maximize our PowerPoints, or just make it through the presentations, but even then, we can typically identify those characteristics that can be the tipping point from taking a boring or mediocre presentation and turning it into one that is remembered.   Whether it’s mechanical as in the development of the presentation or materials, or humanistic in that it’s how the materials are delivered, there are dozens of opportunities throughout our typical business day to hone our skills to become better presenters.
Here are ten tips that will help you overcome anxiety, develop a presentation that is memorable, and deliver it to the best of your ability.  Before we jump into these ten tips we must first understand that the key to effective presenting isn’t about ridding yourself of all deficiencies.  It’s about neutralizing those tendencies that detract from your presentation and maximizing those that enhance your presentation – so stop worrying about being perfect.  I want to encourage you to work towards your strength, and simply control your idiosyncrasies so that they don’t overpower.  Imagine that you’re cooking a casserole; it’s five minutes before your family shows up, and you accidentally dump too much salt into your dish.  You don’t have the time to...