Elozino Ahworegba
September 16th, 2014
PAS 1000- Planning for Academic Success
Claudette Giles

Interviewee: Emmanuel Solomon

Country: Nigeria

Region: Abuja

Ethnic Group: Yoruba

General Impression: He seems to have a great interest in his culture but not a lot of concrete knowledge. Most of his answers seem to be unsure and hesitant.

Emmanuel uses his hands a lot while he speaks and occasionally lapses into a form of broken English known in Nigeria as “Pidgin”. He also occasionally goes of on a tangent, either forgetting what we were speaking about or tells a story that, while related to the topic, does not answer my question. After speaking with his mother and uncle, I have noticed that they tend to do the same as well.

Emmanuel thinks of money a lot. He is not very motivated until it comes to money. All his future career choices are based on what will allow him to make the largest amount of money in the smallest time period. However, when I asked him what he plans to do with the money, he simply looked at me oddly and said “I’ll just keep it.” He is also a very relaxed person. His thought patterns are very short-term and he has no plans on what to do after his senior year other than “Make money.”

Emmanuel and I seem to share a relaxed personality. However, he is not really interested in anything other than money and television. He has some idea of the future but has not decided. He said, “I think I might want to be a doctor, maybe.” Emmanuel was raised an only child and his parents, unlike the majority of Nigerian parents, pampered him. At seventeen years old, he has never cleaned his own room, washed his own clothes, or done anything that could count as real chores. Despite the fact that he is a friend of mine, I honestly believe that Emmanuel has a selfish, greedy, and lazy world view. The only thing his parents make him do is study. However, I have three younger siblings, my parents have never forced me to study as I do plenty of that...