Interpret the Differing Views of Teacher Through the Lenses of the Media. What Do Examples in Film, Tv, Print, and Other Media Tell Us About the Meaning of Teacher?

After doing my research and drawing on my experiences in the classroom and as an athlete. I have found that the media has both positve and negative images of teachers. Two films that I have seen or Good Will Hunting and Dangerous minds both depict teachers who are drawing the best out of students by giving their students the feeling of empowerment and being able to connect to them on a level in which they drawn to and helps them develpo themselves as powerful thinkers. I feel as though also in the news media that they at times focus on negative attention and therefore the few bad apples that have come into the profession receive more of the bad press then the good teachers. There have been reports by CNN and countless other media outlets about teachers sleeping with students and other irrectible acts thaqt tend to overshadow the efforts of the good teachers we do have.
Along with my background as an high school athlete who went to school as a football player i also consider coaches as teachers as well. I feel as though they are just as significant as teachers because they deal more with sports and life to young people both boys and girls. The movie Coach Carter and Remember the Titans were two good films that depict how socio-economics and the times of the civil rights effect the times in which we live. Being able to connect with the teams and players about not just sports but how to enrich themselves in society is just as important. I was a red shirt in college when 9/11 happened and i remember the effect it had on us players and i recall our couch cancelling practice to talk about the events theat occured and that stood out in my mind because our society was drastically change forever on that date