An Investigation to Explore Which Out of Three Forms of Narrative Do Children Between the Ages of Six and Seven Gain Most Enjoyment from and Ways in Which Teachers Can Promote a Love of Literature

An Investigation To Explore Which Out Of Three Forms Of Narrative Do Children Between The Ages Of Six And Seven Gain Most Enjoyment From And Ways In Which Teachers Can Promote A Love of Literature


      ‘The experience we had as readers at school can stay with us for the rest of our lives.   A bad experience can leave somebody feeling unconfident about their own abilities as a reader and also unconfident that there is anything in the world they might like to read’ (, no date:n.p).

I have always had a passion for reading, and have long held this to be a pleasurable activity, even from an early age.   I can vividly remember visiting the local library with my parents at weekends and during school holidays to select several books which I could then read in the comfort of my own home.   But often even before I had reached home I would have read at least one of the books from start to finish during the journey home in the car.   As a child I enjoyed reading in the comfort of my own home, in a safe and secure environment, which was warm and peaceful.   This was usually tucked up in my bed, surrounded by soft toys and my duvet.   During my childhood I would often bring books that I had read and enjoyed to school to swap with friends.   I rarely saw this happen in a Primary context during the course of my teacher training, and since completing my final teaching practice I have been made aware that there seems to be a decline in the number of children who read for enjoyment and/or pleasure.

My final teaching practice took placed in an inner city school situated in East Manchester.   It was an average sized school in an area of urban regeneration.   The age break down of the population was unusual in so much as there were both high numbers of people over 60 and children under 16.   There were a high number of single pensioners living alongside single parents.   Many children within my class came from broken families, bringing the children the...