Change Essay - "In the Park" - Gwen Harwood, and "In the Country of Men" - Hisham Matars

How have composers used texts to explore different concepts of ‘Change’?

Change is always present in today’s society.   Many composers use change as a basis for their texts.   Gwen Harwood’s In The Park, Hannah Roberts Sky High and Hisham Matars In The Country of Men all share concepts of change. These texts all present that there is a change from childhood to adulthood as more responsibilities arise. In In The Park the woman realises her life has changed after marriage and she feels having children has taken her life away. Roberts Sky High tells how the woman has lost her carefree attitude from her childhood and Matars In The Country Of Men tells us the story of a summer where a nine year old boy changes his attitude on life, where his mother was forced into a marriage and to have him as a child.

Marriage is a big catalyst for change.   Some mothers are forced into a marriage and for some their children have taken over their life.   In In the Park the woman sitting in the park is unhappy with her life, and says that her children have taken over.   Harwood uses an enjambed line to make you think twice about her lost love, “Someone she loved once passes by – too late to feign indifference”.   It’s the pause at the end of ‘too late’ that makes you realize it’s too late for him.   Similarly In In The Country Of Men Mama starts telling the story of her childhood where she dated boys unknown to her parents, this was not accepted in Libya.   She uses her flashbacks to tell Suleiman her stories. “Your daughter is fourteen, and is already spending her days in cafes with strange men.”(p147).   When her father heard about this he immediately condemned her to marriage.   Mama had to immediately marry a man nearly double her age, changing her life dramatically.   In both these texts marriage has lead to children which has created change.

Children can alter and transform a parent’s view on the world.   Children can become a...