Job Satisfaction of Institutional School Teachers of Kathmandu District


Jiban Khadka

A Dissertation Submitted to
School of Education
Kathmandu University

In partial fulfilment of the requirement of the course of M Phil in Educational Leadership

Balkumari, Lalitpur
26 August, 2010


Jiban Khadka for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Education presented on June 15, 2010.
Title: Job Satisfaction of Institutional School Teachers of Nepal

Abstract approved:

Prof. Mana Prasad Wagley, Ph. D.                     Prof. Shreeram Lamichhane, Ph. D.
                  Dissertation Supervisor                                               Dissertation Supervisor

The purpose of this study was to explore the general and specific level of job satisfaction of institutional school teachers of Nepal in relation with four dimensions: Salary, Incentives and Benefits, Work Itself, Working Environment and Performance Appraisal of job satisfaction from four demographic perspectives: Location, Gender, Length of Service and Subject Teachers as measured by Job Satisfaction Questionnaire with five point likert scale. A number of two hundred thirty eight teachers from thirty nine private secondary schools of Kathmandu district were selected on the basis of stratified random sampling to conduct the study. Arithmetic means, standard deviation, coefficient of variation were computed to assess the job satisfaction level and t-test and ANOVA test were used to investigate the significant difference between and among the teachers’ job satisfaction.
      In general, institutional secondary school teachers of Kathmandu district were found slightly satisfied with the job. Despite the job satisfaction of teachers in the whole analysis, ‘Salary, incentives and benefits’ and ‘Work Itself’ were found dissatisfying, and ‘Working Environment’ and ‘Performance Appraisal’ were as satisfiers. Simply, urban school teachers in comparison to other teachers were more dissatisfied with all...