Internet Marketing


Online advertising is one of the most powerful inventions of modern technology. Like all other advertisements, the information is given in order to affect buyers. However it is less expensive and much faster with colour, sound and, motion compared to other medium such as newspapers, magazines, television and radio (Zef & Aronson, 1999). This media is an important and effective medium of internet advertising for anyone wanting to promote their products and services to an audience and has a lot of advantages compared with traditional advertising. The purposes of spending money on internet advertising are: it gives wider coverage, targeted audience, affordable price, easy to track, convenient and better return on investment (ROI) to advertiser.

In this project, there are four parts. The meaning and different types of online advertising vehicles are first presented. A discussion about the subject of internet advertising and a study of the effectiveness of online advertising during the intermission period of online series is explained in the second part. A survey of consumer’s usage in ABC.COM, which tested the reaction to and impact of the presence of online episodes and potential customers interaction with advertisements is discussed in the third part and finally the conclusion on the necessity of online advertising in media and the discussion of how far ABC.COM is successful as a brand ambassador in the media environment is given.

The purpose of choosing this topic is to determine and to know the views of audience concerning online viewing experience, to assess the effectiveness of online advertisement as well as variety of brand metrics.   ABC.COM is shown as a role model of online advertising in practice, where advertisers can advertise their ads within popular shows and get maximum benefits....