Internet and Marketing

The impact of the internet and other technologies on the practice of marketing and the evolution of practice of marketing and the evolution of new business strategies and models

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      Internet and new technologies have been a boon to marketers and has revolutionalized the way business models and strategies are developed and implemented. It has become much easier to get the message across to clients. Customers are also able to pay for the products in a very convenient way and the same are shipped with very little inconvenience. It is therefore important that more and more business persons embrace the advent of the technology so as to remain relevant in the highly competitive world of business. Customers are usually concerned about saving time and convenience whenever they are engaged in shopping.

      Life in the modern world has become so fast paced that there need to have people and technologies filling in the gap. The idea of ordering and paying for goods and services at the touch of the button is very attractive to a good number of people who have come to appreciate the value of technology in making life which seems to be complex to become a little bit more livable. There is also the negative side of everything and such technologies have also got their flipside. It is therefore not surprising that incidents of fraud have increased and there are people who have had their hard earned money wiped by 'smart' thieves. This means that internet developers and those who engage have to be continually innovative so as to stay a step or two ahead of cons. The essay examines the impact that internet and other technologies have had on the businesses being carried out and also strategies being employed in marketing.


      A large population of the world has access to internet and this makes it...