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McBride Marketing Paper
Dana Shaw
Michele Petrone

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    McBride Financial Services has a stated goal of becoming the leader in providing low cost mortgages. McBride has several locations in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota (McBride, 2005) and provides credit reports, inspection, mortgages and appraisals. Immediate company goals are to break even within a six month period and realize profit within one year of operation. To be successful in this venture, McBride will need to have a focused marketing plan in place, as well as an efficient website for the processing of mortgage applications.

MCBRIDE MARKETING                                                                                                           3

Market Research
    Research must be done to determine consumer wants and needs so that the marketing program can be tailored toward meeting those needs. By conducting research, McBride Financial Services will demonstrate its interest in customer satisfaction and have a better chance of reaching a targeted demographic. “Customer insights and market assessments are the key to making smarter business decisions and gaining that critical, competitive edge” (Survey Monkey, 2010) which will be necessary for McBride’s success. Research could take the form of surveys which would be in person, online or by telephone. Feedback from the surveys will give a fair indication of customer attitude toward the company and will allow McBride to see if their goals are being met.
Target Audience
    The marketing plan will focus on McBride’s target audience which includes primarily families or individuals looking for a recreational property, professionals or...