International Business

As part of our global operation our company currently uses labor in many different countries.   In this memo the major issues and elements concerning the aspects of labor forces and the influences it has on international business operations will be addressed. This memo will also include information concerning labor quality, quantity, and mobility, as well as minorities, the labor market, and labor unions.
    Let’s start with labor quality.   In any international business operation it is very important that labor quality be taken into account.   Employees must be trained and skilled for the job or task that they are required to do.   Employees that are not properly trained can result in poor quality of products and service, in turn that reflects badly on the company.   In short the labor force must be skilled in their specific job and also clearly directed in the nature of our company.
    Next we will address the labor quantity. As we open new markets internationally our company needs to make sure that there are a sufficient number of qualified employees for our requirements.   For example if there is a country that has a sufficient amount of well educated and qualified employees then the company benefits by hiring employees at a lower wage.   On the other hand if there is not sufficient qualified employees the company may be forced to pay higher wages to get the employees needed.
    That brings us to labor mobility.   Labor mobility may affect on labor quality and labor quantity in reference to the relocation of educated and skilled potential employees from one country to another seeking employment.   Many people will often relocated in order to ensure their financial and job security. Also our company’s requirement may ask that
personnel move from one site to another to fulfill our staffing needs.
    When talking about labor forces we must also examine the impact that minorities have.   Many countries have rules and regulations concerning the equality of...