International Business Law and Its Enviornment! Chapter 1 .2 Question

1. Public international law, which governs the relationship between states and international organizations. It includes the following specific legal field such as the treaty law, law of sea, international criminal law and the international humanitarian law. Private international law, which addresses the questions of in which legal jurisdiction may a case be heard and the law concerning which jurisdiction apply to the issues in the case. The international business law is a system of rules that check and supervision an international business.
6. I think the corporation accountable to their host country, consumers, and investors.
My ideas about set up an accountability system to ensure compliance with codes of conduct and other ethical and social responsibility standards for business are the system should be based on the existent international business law; According to practical situation such as the host country, government, and company itself condition; All in all, be able to establish the system in order to increase the profit of the company, and must be legal absolutely.
9. Five theories of international criminal jurisdiction: 1. Nationality is the
basis for jurisdiction where the forum state asserts the right to prescribe a law for an action based on the nationality of the actor. The terrorism is the world organization, according to different nationalities, so the nationality jurisdiction can control the terrorism spread to different nationalities.   2. Passive personality jurisdiction can give a country the right to hear cases stemming from crimes. This can make the terrorism committed against their own citizens by foreign citizens outside of their own territory.   3. Universal jurisdiction permits any country to prosecute perpetrators of the most heinous and universally condemned crimes regardless of where the crimes occurred or the nationality of the perpetrators or victims. This jurisdiction makes terrorism to form...