International Business Practice

MGTAE2012 |
International Business Practice |
International Strategies |
Ryan Woodley-Mitchell-329606 |
5/12/2008 |

Tutor: Christine Foulkes |

1 Executive Summary 3
2 Introduction 3
3 Strategy Definitions 3
4 Development of a strategic plan 4
5 Choosing a Strategy 7
6 Conclusion 9
7 Case Studies 10
8 Bibliography 15

Executive Summary
My coursework asks me to write a 2,000-2,500 word report which both explains and illustrates my findings on the well-formulated strategic plans of successful Multinational Enterprises (MNEs). In this report I need to consider how a MNE develops and implements a strategic plan, also, I have to support my ideas with at least 2 case studies which illustrate my understanding of the concepts associated with formulating a business strategy.

This report gives a detailed and comprehensive analysis on the development and implementation of strategic plans for multinational enterprises. It is the result of in depth research on the subject and will showcase relevant case studies.
With the information gathered I will analyse it and evaluate my findings to demonstrate a good understanding of strategy in the international market. The report will then demonstrate recommendations upon the findings and research.
Strategy Definitions
A company’s strategy can be defined as the actions taken by management to attain the goals of the company. The usual goals within a company are to maximise the value of the company for the owners and its shareholders. In order for management to achieve this they must pursue strategies that aim to achieve higher profitability and increase the company’s rate of growth over a period of time.
This is achievable with a number of strategies, including:
  * Lower the production costs
  * Create value for the company’s product (value creation)
  * Sell more units in existing markets, and
  * Enter into new international markets.