Career Development Plan II
Development of Training and Mentoring Program

With the recent merger of EnviroTech and InterClean, the operating units will need to implement a mentoring program for the new sales team. The new team consists of highly potential individuals that have an extensive background in the sale industry, that will be paired with senior managers to provide advice, feedback, collaboration on their career development and increase their visibility within the InterClean leadership team.   InterClean, is moving toward the future, and want to be able to show their employees that no matter where they begin their career at within the organization, they want their employees to know that they   can take advantage of hundreds of business specific and professional development training resources that they plan to offer to each of their employees such as: classroom instruction, self-study programs, peer training and Web-based training to help develop and enhance their skills that can be offered in the organization. InterClean also believes that mixing new and highly experienced employees is a recipe for success. This paper will discuss the importance, and the process for the new employee sales team training and mentoring program   that will help lead their company to a success.
Training and mentoring are the two most essential elements for every business. In the case of these new employees coming into an organization, it is seen that there is a need for a new training and mentoring program to be introduced within the organizations. These training and mentoring will be based on the employee profiles and the levels will be based on the employees learning and development process. Hence, for every company recruiting new employees has become a very essential aspect. Mostly, in the case of new employees this will form a basic understanding of the organization and the employee’s job.

The main objective of this new training and mentoring program that will be...