This memo is to let you know about the career management we have planned for you.   We will take into considerations your interests and needs and skills.   Studies show that the most successful companies are the ones who have kept their employee for a long time and had career managerial programs by making sure that our employees are satisfy with their job and.   InterClean Company is also helping you in return achieve your goals by making sure that you have everything you need to work effectively.   This plan will deal with feedback, how we will help you become better, promotions available, flexibility for dual career parents, how to adapt to our new diversity, how to handle each member when the budget is 0 and the benefits and cost of employees.
            Feedback is given as a combination tell-and-listen and problem solving where the managers, salesman and cleaners will be told by each of their superintendent about their performance and this in return will listen to what you have to say.   This will tell us if it’s our fault that the employee is not doing well or is doing well and what needs to be improved.   we understand that in the beginning it will be challenging to do everything that you need to do, but we still want to provide feedback to tell you if you’re on the right track or not and in this period we will not judge your harshly and will not penalize you for certain things.   We will also talk about what you think about your salary and attendance.
We hope that by having good salary and bonus will motivate you in reaching a higher level of and opening newer opportunities for employees to move up the latter.   We want you to use your skills and strengths while at this job and tell us about what this company lacks and needs.   This company and you will hopefully not have a give and take but even exchange relationship because we need you and we want to you to grow to further your skills and career.
There are promotions available for those who excel in your job...