Career Development Plan Part Iii

Career Development Plan Part III -
Performance and Career Management
Cheryl Trenhaile
HRM 531
May 31, 2010
Shavona Wright

To: Upper Management
From: Sales Manager
Date: May 31, 2010
Subject: Performance and Career Management
    Now that we have selected our new sales team and designed our training and mentoring program our next step is to develop a performance appraisal system to help our sales team understand what our expectations are for the job, how we will measure success, and what they can do to improve personally and professionally.   This proposal will address those points as well as our plan to help our employees develop themselves and their careers which in turn will help InterClean in the successful achievement of organizational goals.  
Performance appraisals should be held at a minimum of once per year but this proposal is asking for more frequent reviews to provide our team members the opportunity to receive valuable feedback to help them improve and reach goals.   If someone is doing well, positive feedback will encourage them to continue on their current path and build confidence where they may continue to build on strengths and knowledge successfully.   If someone is not on track, frequent feedback prevents the perpetuation of undesirable or unproductive behavior; it nips it in the bud.   The more feedback we can give, particularly in these early stages of transition, the better our employees will be able to perform to our expectations as well as their own potential.   The goal is to make this merger a productive and seamless process.
Higher level of performance for employee
To help our sales team reach their fullest potential we will continue to offer the training and mentoring program described in the last memo.   The mentoring program will serve to help our sales staff with career development, recognizing weak skill areas as well as areas of strength and how both can be further developed.   “Mentoring is...