Information Systems Paper

Information Systems Paper
By Aram Abramyan
CJA 570/Scott McMillan
March 8, 2010
University of Phoenix, Online

The United States of America is comprised many companies, organizations, and agencies, which contribute to our daily lives and they contribute to convenience of our daily routines.   Some of these organizations and agencies are also directly responsible for the safety and the well being of the citizens and properties of this country.   We often time take for granted how important and crucial these organizations are to us, and we often take for granted the consequences of what would happen in these organizations failed.
The growth of technology had brought upon new changes and possibilities which seemed like only science fiction a few decades ago.   We are able to do things that we never thought possible.   The same applies to these organizations.   One of the major tools of any organization, especially ones such as the CIA, NSA, or the Military, is their ability to monitor and communicate with operatives and soldiers around the world, and be able to provide air support and intelligence through aircrafts and dedicated satellites.   If the information and the communication systems of any one of these organizations were to fail, then that would open a window of opportunity for terrorists and opposing country to attack the United States and our soldiers around the world.
US Army
The United States Army is an organization which built around the idea of teamwork and communication.   I happen to be serving for the United States Army, and part of the California National Guard.   The Army teaches its soldiers to constantly communicate with one another and also communicate with the chain of command, constantly providing situational reports and real time intelligence.   There are many tools that the Army uses in order to communicate with one another.   Often times, a forward observation unit would be miles and miles away from headquarters and backup....