Information Leaflet

301. (a)   Explain the teaching training role and responsibilities in education training,                                                                                  
Identifying Needs.
ROLES, Teacher, Assessor, Reviewer.
Responsibilities; It will be important to identify the needs of the learners so that you can plan / design the course to meet the individual requirements of the learners, this may be carried out through interview prior to the course taking place or through an application process where the learner needs can be identified, these could include social, physical intellectual, cultural, and emotional issues.
ROLES, Planner, Reviewer, Organiser.
Responsibilities; The course should be designed to promote the desire to learn by ensuring that the course is interesting, this may include localisation and personalisation of the subject matter.
The training equipment required should be available ( IT equipment for Power Point presentations, flip charts, smart boards, and models if needed). Specific equipment should be tried and tested before any course is delivered, this will allow for a rehearsal to time your lesson plan and writing on flipchart.
Procedures will be produced to allow other members of staff to deliver the course with the same lesson plan, aims and objectives for delivering the course which will include, health and safety induction, hand-outs, training aids, so the quality of training will be consistent.
The budgeting of the course will have to consider costs of training, location, and equipment, accreditation and Certification required for the delivery of the course.                                    
ROLES, Teacher, Coach, Instructor, Presenter, Assessor, Listener, etc.
Responsibilities;   The teacher’s responsibility is to deliver a course which is appropriate for the learners, and take into account individual needs and have clear aims and objectives.
Learners should be told at the start...