Parents Information Sheet

Parent Information Sheet

As a childminder working from home and looking after your children, I need to keep up to date with current home-based childcare legislation and with the regulatory bodies to ensure that your children get the best possible care whilst in my setting.
I will aim to keep you updated on the laws, rules and regulations making sure you are informed on any changes or amendments to the laws and regulations.
The legislation below is the most relevant to my childminding role:
Children Act (2004) This act arose from the Green Paper ‘Every Child Matters’. It   identifies five outcomes for all children:
*be healthy
*stay Safe
*enjoy & achieve
*make a positive contribution
*achieve economic well-being
Childcare Act (2006) Introduced the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS)in England.
Data Protection Act (1998) Prevents confidential and personal information being passed on without your consent, this consent must be that of the parent and not the child.
Family Law Act (1996) Sets out guidance relating to safeguarding children.
I also have to be regulated by a body called Ofsted and in order to be regulated with them I must be registered with them. The requirements that Ofsted set out are:
*to make sure that I meet the welfare requirements and learning and development requirements as set out in the Early Years framework
*that I am a suitable person to provide care for children (I will have an CRB check)
*can promote an environment where children are well-cared for, are safe and their learning and development is catered for.  
Ofsted check this by:
*Making sure that I have completed registration to Ofsted, this covers the checks on me and other adults that live with me and also the premises where I do my childminding from
*Check I have the correct training e.g Current Paediatric First Aid training, health check and CRB check
*they carry out inspection on my premises and the service I offer. This is then put in a report which is...