Analyse Different Types of Business Information and Their Sources

Task 1B
How Southern Regional College communicates with the public.
An analysis of their communication methods and sources

External methods of communication
The external methods of communication SRC uses are the SRC website, newspapers, leaflets, brochures, handbooks, Facebook, information meetings and group talks at SRC.

SRC uses its website to attract and communicate with more people where they can have a look from anywhere in the world. They use newspapers, leaflets and brochures to advertise their business and attract as many students as possible. SRC have a Facebook which is targeted at young generation who can easily access to it and view what courses SRC offers and events being held within SRC.

They have TV videos on screen in buildings near reception. They use loud speaker system informing members of public that SRC is a “smoke free” zone and there are posters within SRC relating to warnings for example fire exits, evacuation procedures and classroom rules. SRC provides translation on information leaflets in various languages both paper based and translation software on their website. SRC also use promotional demonstration as a use of external communication method.

Being able to present information effectively
SRC use Facebook to present their information to people effectively. The SRC target audience is young students so it is very effective source to present information and it can be viewed anytime and from anywhere in the world. SRC tutors uses PowerPoint presentations to teach in class or present information e.g. John’s introduction PowerPoint.

There are many different types of business documents. Users can use documents to re-read the information as much as they want. SRC uses documents such as notices on notice boards, the reports they make and invoices for students those who pay for higher education.

This is the manner in which someone executes the task or action. SRC staff uses its own style as it is...