Info Age - Week 9 Assignment - Final Project

I have learned a great deal of new things since my short time at University of Phoenix, between orientation and my first semester classes. The most important thing I have learned for excelling at being a University of Phoenix student is to practice academic honesty. I have learned that it is best to use my own words and phrases, rather than plagiarize.   Honesty is the best policy; keeping up with the academic honesty will keep me on track and reduce the risks of being exposed to plagiarism or copying other’s work.   Being in a distance learning environment will also help me become more dependable on myself.    
Using the Center of Writing Excellence (CWE),, I am able to use the Plagiarism Checker as well as WritePoint to help me feel confident in my work.   Having these sources to help throughout my entire student career with University of Phoenix will help me significantly.   I believe another educational resource that will aid me notably would be having my academic counselor available to me at any time throughout my time with University of Phoenix.   Moreover, having the University Library; Article Databases-Major, and Article Databases-Specialized,, will be a great deal of help when I need to do research on a specific or general subject or topic.   Having access to these resources will more than likely help more than going to and having to do research from there, and there is no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to doing research on a search site.
When I set up my goals, I made it to where they are achievable and easy to follow for myself.   One of the goals I set up was to complete and obtain an Associate’s in Information Technology. I made this specific goal work in my favor to where I only focus on that week of the course and make sure that I complete every single assignment on time.   The participation assignments are another thing that I try...