Implementation Process

Implementation Process
Odessa follows an industry-leading implementation process for the deployment of Lease Wave. The complexity and scope of each installation determines how elaborate this process would be. For large implementations, the process can be broken down into five basic phases: (1) Needs Analysis Documentation, (2) Low Level Design, (3) Configuration / Development, (4) User Acceptance Testing and (5) Deployment. Each of these phases consists of clearly demarcated sub-phases that give accountability, control and structure to progress. The main objective of the process is an implementation that is tailored specifically to each customer while remaining extremely predictable in terms of time and cost.
Implementations range from 3-18 months, based on scope and complexity. Not all implementations require all phases listed.
Need analysis documentation
  * Comprehensive analysis of business processes and requirements
  * Business Process Analysis: documents all processes by roles and users
        * Gap Analysis: determines gaps between requirements and system functionality
        * Requirements: specifies exact requirements implementation needs to deliver
      * Software-industry standard documentation
        * Customer signs off on every set of documents
      * Full assistance given for review and understanding of documents
Low level design
  * Functional Specifications
        * Business requirements are translated into specific system-requirements
      * Design Specifications
        * Database, screen and other system changes are documented
        * Design documentation complements functional documentation
      * Test Planning
        * Test and use cases that will be used during testing are determined
        * Test artifacts available for client review
      * Full assistance is given for review and understanding of documents
        * “Non-technical persons” can review and understand documentation...