Ilm Smart Targets

1.3 Describe a workplace time management technique that can be used to achieve a personal and/or team objective
One major time management technique used within the workplace is the rota.   Support hours are completed on a monthly basis with all staff being allocated set shifts.   Times to be at work, times allocated to complete tasks included such as training, e-learning, supervision, staff meetings, service user activities and appointments.   Without the support hours being rotad no one would know when to be at work, what hours, days they are due on shift, what time they have off, if they are working morning, day, evening, night.   The rota enables everyone within the team to be able to achieve objectives.   The rota sets targets.   Informs individuals of what tasks need to be completed and on what days.   It incorporates deadlines if a meeting is booked then staff know the date and time.   AS team leader I delegate the task of completing the support hours to the PA.   She informs the team when the deadline for putting requests into the diary is and sets herself a target of when to complete the rota.   Within this time she has to collate all the s/u appointments, activities, staff training and requests that are in the house diary.   She has to incorporate this information onto the rota.   I chose her for the task as she had shown an interest in the past to do this task and showed that she was capable to meet deadlines set.   The rota needs to be completed by the end of the second week of the present rota in place to enable myself to check through before putting onto computer and printing out for the team before the end of the current rota in use.   This is a monthly task that needs to have time allocated to complete.

Review and evaluate SMART objectives through one to one meetings, supervisions to discuss methods used to achieve targets and how successful end result was.   Taking objectives from question 6 I know that the SMART objective has been successful when staff are...