Task 2   Managing the Learning Process
It is my aim in this task to convey the importance of effective management, how the embedding of functional skills is carried out within my specialist subjects, why record keeping is important and the range of strategies that I use for my subject area.
Effective Management of Learners
Effective management of learners can be achieved by initially setting boundaries in order for a foundation of respect to be built. Mutually agreed arrangements where others views and needs are appreciated creates a safe and respectful learning environment where all participants benefit. Initiating a group discussion allows the learners to take ownership of their expectations.
If disruptive behaviour does occur within the group a reminder of the ground rules, to the group as a whole should be reinforced.
“Whatever the disruption maybe, you need to handle this professionally to minimise any effect it may have on your teaching and the groups learning. Don’t just ignore the behaviour, address it immediately. However with experience you will realise that some things can be ignored providing this does not affect the safety of your learners” Gravells (2010:64)
As part of the NVQ’s and Apprenticeships that we deliver we also establish this by prior to the candidate commencing their Apprenticeship we issue a learning agreement that is signed by the learner, the employer and us as the provider. This is done so that the candidate feels that they are working as part of a team.
Apprentices section of the Training Agreement is as follows:
2. The Apprentice's Responsibilities
2.1 To work for the Employer to the best of her or his ability and in accordance with the               Employer’s policies and procedures.    
2.2 To observe the Employer’s terms and conditions of employment.
2.3 In both working and training, to be diligent and punctual and to attend courses, keep records, take part in an contribute to the review process, undertake...