Ielts Essay

IELTS Task 2 Writing Preparation. Essay 3.
In many countries, children are not exercising as much as before and are becoming more and more overweight. What is your opinion of this situation?
Write at least 250 words.
Child obesity is a cause for concern for all the stakeholders of society - from parents to educators, to governments and the medical system. Rightly so, as obesity, and at such a young age, poses hazards on quite a few fronts.

Thanks to industrialization and technology, people no longer have to indulge in as much physical exercise in order to earn money as they had to in the pre-industrial days. Jobs have become more and more sedentary with time, with the result that the importance of physical exercise and the benefits of maintaining one's physique become known only when the doctor is called in after some major health issue crops up. With parents taking their own physical exercise so casually, their attitude naturally reflects on their children's lifestyles too.

The end result is that children invariably spend a lot of their free time sitting before the television instead of playing outside, and the only part of the body that gets ample exercise is the thumb that presses the buttons on the remote control. As if lack of exercise wasn't enough, unhealthy food has replaced nutritious food on the dining table. The increased level of lard leads to health problems for the child, straining not only the family's bills, but also
stretching the medical system as a whole. Research has revealed that obese kids are more likely to be accident-prone, and more susceptible to disease conditions such as diabetes, which lowers their productivity as adults when they begin working.

The remedy for child obesity begins at home. Parents need to be educated first on the negative side effects of the kind of lifestyles their children are leading. A healthy, and not obese, child is what should be aimed for.

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