Ielts Essay

The number of distance learning courses offered by colleges and universities has increased a great deal over the last few years. The growing popularity of distance education allows to admit ( to think) that it has many advantages. However   in practice as the matter of practice there are some disadvantages and not every learner finds it a suitable way of to study. I will examine this question below by considering the benefits and drawbacks of learning in this mode.

A key advantage of distance learning is that learners can work at their own pace. The content of the course can be views and read over as many times as needed to digest the material. Students can chose the (those) parts of the course that suit their learning needs. The other benefit of distance learning is the possibility to study at the best universities world wide while (!) staying home. Studying from home can also save time and money that are usually spent on travelling to the university and accommodation.

Despite all these benefits some people find it difficult to study at a in distance. This mode of learning requires (demands- is better) self-discipline. Some people are not organised and motivated enough and they need a lot of (much) guidance. Distance learning implies that a student has to wait for some time before getting feedback from a (the-style) teacher. Some people find it frustrating and they loose their motivation. Technology break-downs can disrupt the learning process.

To summarize, distance learning provides a lot of opportunities for self-motivated students. I think it will continue grow in popularity because the advantages of distance education outweight the disadvantages.