Identify the Regulations and Requirements Relevant to an Assessment in Your Own Area of Practice

As an assessor it is both your and your organisation’s responsibility to monitor standards with the regulations and requirements that are set out in your own area of practice or vocational area. You must make sure that, as an assessor, you conform to the awarding body’s/organisation’s requirements and meet workplace requirements in assessing competence. For example, the requirements for assessing plumbing will vary and require a different approach to those for hairdressing.
Each awarding organisation will have their own set of regulations and requirements that you will have to follow which will have been devised by the regulatory bodies and their directives, including Ofqual,(Office of Qualification and Examination Regulation) SQA,(Scottish Qualification Authority) DfE,(Department for Education) CCEA,(Council for the Curriculum, Examination and Assessment) as well as sector skills councils.
The actual criteria to follow will be guidelines distributed by the awarding organisation which clearly illustrate the criteria that the assessor must follow, including what evidence types are acceptable and when external assessment is required. In some cases, the requirement of the awarding organisation, may state that the evidence must be gathered in a real environment and that simulation is not allowed. To support this, you will need to decide what evidence you will accept to support this.
Knowledge and application of knowledge can be assessed in many ways and can include but not be limited to:
Observed work.
Witness statements.
Audio-visual media.
Evidence of prior learning or attainment.
Written questions.
Oral questions.
Case studies.
Your own organisation will also have their own internal list of regulations and requirements for you to follow as well, so it is important that you are keeping yourself up to date and checking regularly in case anything changes. These will vary from organisation to organisation depending on the vocational...