Unit 301 Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment

|1.1 Explain the roles & functions of:                                                                                                     |
|initial assessment in identifying learner needs                                                                                           |
|formative assessment in tracking learner progress                                                                                         |
|summative assessment in assessing learner achievement                                                                                     |
|I identify my learners needs through initial assessment Numracy and litteracy, talking with learners assessing their previous skills and |
|experiances.Initial assessment is a crucial part of the learning journey. It provides the information needed to decide a learner’s       |
|starting point. It also helps me as the assessor to know how the learner learns. It is the benchmark from which learners’ progress and   |
|achievement can be measured. What their past experiances and qualifications are and already gained.                                       |
|Summative assessment is the assessment of learning, tutors use summative assessment to discover what the learner has achieved during the |
|programme, summative assessments are carried out at the end of the course, its used to see if the learners have acquired the skills and   |
|knowledge that the course set out to provide.                                                                                             |
|Formative assessment is the assessment that takes places during the diploma or course programme, its an integral part of the learning     |
|progress, It   provides feedback to both the tutor and learner about how the corse is going,                                               |

|1.2 Explain the following key concepts and principles of assessment:...