Cu3049 1

CU3049 Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
  Understand the principles and requirements of assessment
  1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and development

Assessment is carried out to ensure that learning has taken place. This is used to  
measures the learner’s knowledge and skills in their chosen area of learning. Assessment
can be used to encourage learners to ask questions on anything they have not understood,
learners at some point will have to know that they will have to prove their knowledge and
understanding to the standards of the awarding body.   Learning and development are connected in the following ways. Learners will need  
guidance to understand what it is they have to learn and what is expected of them, letting
them know if the are at the expected level of learning and how they may improve on this
in order to develop their skills. Assessment is extremely important for this to happen.
There will be observation of the learner initially by the teacher then to prove there
knowledge to an assessor, also by teaching one to one to assess whether the learner has
met the current standards and if they are competent and capable to be assessed at their
current knowledge and skills level.   If training has been delivered and no assessment has taken place then how can you be
sure that learning has taken place? If I do not assess the learner then I cannot know their
level of skill and knowledge. Formative assessment is useful throughout the course and it
gives the learner constructive feedback positive or negative which the Learner can use to
improve their future performance. It also allows the learner to build on their strengths  
and learn from mistakes by listening to the assessor’s feedback.  

      Define The Key Concepts And Principles Of AssessmentThe key concepts are given depending on the subject matter, be it vocational or academic. In most cases you...

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