Ict Systems Are the Lifeblood of an Organisation

An organisation is a group of people with a specific purpose. An ICT system is where the is an input, process and an output.This output can be to another ICT system or to a human.
Organisations can use ICT systems to help them achieve their purpose. A good ICT system will be able to increase an organisations’ productivity, increase their capacity and allow them to transmit and receive information quickly. Organisations have different purposes and the type of ICT systems they will need will very from organisation to organisation. It is important to consider the nature of the organisation, for example schools, local councils and other public sector organisations are service driven, whereas retail businesses and banks are profit driven. ICT systems are used by all levels in the organisation.
An example of an ICT system that most businesses make use of is a customer support system. Customers can have high expectations and good customer support can result in higher future sales for the business. For good customer service a business will need to provide a range of information to the customer, such as the progress of an order and past purchases.A lack of customer support can lead to a business failing due to a fall in customers.
Communication between staff is also vital for an organisation to succeed. Important news or messages should be able to be passed along the chain of command quickly. An ICT system can help an organisation do this efficiently, for example through an email system which stores employees’ e-mail addresses for a specific department.This would allow somebody at the top of the chain of command to send a message to everybody in a department quickly.Without a well regulated ICT system a business is likely to have poor communication links and this can lead to an organisation failing.
Before an ICT system is introduced into a business, it is vital for a business to consider if the proposed system will be...