Use and Develop Methods and Systems to Communicate, Record and Report.

Unit HSC41 Use and develop methods and systems to communicate, record and report.
(Mandatory Unit)
Level 4 NVQ in Health and Social Care
Performance criteria
You need to show that:
1 You identify, clarify and use legal, organisational and inter-agency policies and protocols for accessing and completing records and reports.
2 You provide evidence for your judgements and decisions within the records and reports, including where this is based on informed opinion.
3 You record evidence which:
 supports your judgements and decisions
 conflicts with your judgements and decisions  clarifies events and decisions
4 You produce records and reports that:
 reflect best practice
 are accurate, concise, objective, understandable, legible and accessible to individuals, key people and others
 document conflicts, disagreements, unmet needs and any risks associated with these  document improvements, positive achievements and outcomes
 use information and communication technology
5 You ensure that individuals have access to information about themselves that they can understand.
6 You check and agree the accuracy of the records and evidence with all concerned in the decision making process, and acquire the appropriate signatures, if required.
7 You receive, discuss and take action in response to feedback from those who receive your records and/or reports.
8 You store and share records and reports, within confidentiality agreement and according to legal, organisational and inter-agency agreements and requirements.
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1. The most important requirement here is the Data Protection Act 1998. It is linked to the organisation’s policies on confidentiality of information relating to service users or staff. It has 8 enforceable principles that must be complied with. These require that data or information must be:
 Fairly and lawfully processed
 Processed for limited purposes
 Adequate, relevant & not excessive
 Accurate
 Not kept for longer than...