Appendox O Hum/130 Week 3


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Appendix O

Submit this appendix during week 3. See syllabus for detailed directions.
Note: This table & page are set in Landscape view in order to help you fit information on a page.

Hindu Terms Map

|Term                   |What is your personal understanding of each of these   |After reading the text, how would you redefine each of       |Cite the source of|What differences did you find between the popular usage   |
|                       |terms?                                                 |them?  (Use quotation marks if your are not using your own   |your redefinition |and actual definitions?                                   |
|                       |                                                       |words)                                                       |                   |                                                         |
|Reincarnation         | When you die and come back to life as something else. | When a soul leaves its dead body and enters into a new one.|Chapter 3 page 75.| It really is similar to what I said but just stated     |
|                       |                                                       |                                                             |                   |different.                                               |
|Yoga                   | A form of exercise.                                   | A spiritual discipline designed to clear your mind and     |Chapter 3 page 77 | I guess it is a big difference; it is more of a mind     |
|                       |                                                       |increasing sattvic qualities.                               |                   |exercise of relaxation and calming of the body.           |
|Guru                   | Someone that is really good at something.             | A Guru is a spiritual teacher or a spiritual guide.         |Chapter 3 Pages   | Well I always thought the definition of a Guru was       |...