Performance Management Plan
Karin M.L. Wagner
July 6, 2014
Michele Feltman

To: Traci Goldman, Manager, Atwood and Allen Consulting
From: Michele Feltman
Date: July 6, 2015
Subject: Performance Management Plan for Landslide Limousines

Per our conversation earlier you asked me to come up with a strategic performance management plan for Landslide Limousines. By doing this it will ensure in a successful business strategy for the company. This job analysis will help the company define skills that will be needed for its employees while on the job. By coming up with methods that the company can use to measure employee skill, effective feedback, and look at skill gaps it will help keep track of everything. Our company Atwood and Allen Consulting will come up with and provide successful information to help create a successful performance management outline for the company.
Organizational Business Strategy
The owner of Landslide Limousine Service, Bradley Stonefield is looking to open in Austin, Texas. His strategy is to offer and provide exceptional transportation services to a wide range of customers. His anticipated net revenue in the first year is $50,000 and he expects an increase of 5% over the next several years to follow. He also expects a 10% turnover rate with the initial employees that are hired. These figures seem realistic and put the company’s short and long term goals in line to be a successful business. Coming up with a strategic performance management plan will align the company’s goals, set the foundation for financial growth, and loyal employees who will be successful.
Alignment of the Performance Management Framework to the Organizational Business Strategy
Performance appraisals are the key to the overall objective that the performance management will cover. This is a tool used to help improve the employees overall outcome and helps them in discovering their full potential within the job and is also successful in providing...