Hrm531 Phase One - the New Team

Phase One – The New Team
HRM 531

As a result of the InterClean and Enviro Tech Merger, I have an opportunity to create the sales organization from the ground up.   This will allow me to re-define positions, evaluate and assign people to the new positions and create developmental plans to assist our employees with their personal growth while meeting the company’s objectives.  

The first step to rebuilding the organization is to perform job analysis.   Job analysis determines requirements needed for the sales positions. “Job analysis is the foundation of many human resource management programs” (Page (1989).   Human resource planning and job analysis).   To determine the position responsibilities, I used a combination of job performance and interviews.   Job performance allowed me to understand tasks needed to perform the job as well as understanding the other components of the job that include environmental, physical, and social skills.   Interviews provide both non-standard and standard work requirements that may not be captured in the job performance evaluation like forecasting and planning appointments.   This two-pronged approach allowed me to determine job duties and get the employees opinion of the job requirements.  

Upon completion of the job analysis, I have determined that the duties for the sales positions are as follows:

• Develop and execute turn-key solutions for existing and new customers that meet customers needs and sales goals
• Demonstrate understanding of current sanitation issues, OSHA requirements, environmental regulation of cleaning systems and any legal/regulatory issues relating to sanitation
• Educate and train customers to ensure they fully understand the latest sanitation issues and are knowledgeable about all of products
• Forecast necessary product requirements
• Exhibit strong leadership, interpersonal and technical skills

The second step is to establish a workforce planning system.   There are three different...